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Vacuum pump vanes

Vacuum pump vanes

Vacuum pump vanes

Vacuum pump vanes for vacuum or compression

The vacuum pump vanes located eccentrically in the rotor grooves reduce the working space and create vacuum or compression. Vacuum pump vanes are produced in two materials, either carbon or plastic. Vacuum pump vanes made of carbon are used in dry-running, oil-less, vacuum pumps and compressors with continuous wear, since the vane itself is the lubricant. Therefore no liquid lubricant or oil is required. The other type of vanes are made of plastic and are used with oil lubrication. The plastic vacuum pump vanes can withstand thermal and mechanical load, and its thermal dimensional change is almost irrelevant. Nevertheless, these vanes wear out over time and they need to be replaced at regular maintenance. Two types of fabric material were developed for plastic vanes; fibreglass and Kevlar (plastic vane and Kevlar vane also called blades). Kevlar vanes can be usually found in Busch vacuum pumps and they ensure better vacuum and longer life.

To help us to identify the right vacuum pump vanes, please provide the following information:

●    Type of pump or compressor

●     Item number of the original vane

●     Vane size

●     Oil lubricating or dry running equipment

OEM vacuum pump vanes usually do not need to be replaced, they can operate with AIR24 products for years after the appropriate overhaul.

Each AIR24 vacuum pump vane is continuously checked during manufacturing and maintaining quality is our number one priority.

We’ve got vacuum pump vanes (carbon and plastic vanes) for Adixen/Alcatel, AIR24, Becker BGS, Busch, DVP, GEV, Oerlikon Leybold, Orion, Pfeiffer, PVR, Rietschle and Varian pumps. Please ask us if you cannot find something.


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