Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all sales, purchases, payments and shipping. Our conditions are always included in the price quotes. These conditions apply in all cases unless indicated otherwise in the quote. If we offer different conditions, they apply only to that quote and change the AIR24 general terms and conditions for purchase and shipment for that particular offer. By the receipt of the product the liability for proper use, storage and commissioning is assumed by the customer. Always check the package for possible transport damage in the presence of the courier. Subsequent complaints for transport damage cannot be accepted and the product will loose warranty.


What products are marketed by AIR24

AIR24 products: compressor, nozzle, vacuum pump, compressed air drying equipment, auxiliaries and spare parts for vacuum and compressor technology. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and high-quality alternative (aftermarket) products based on OEM are marketed by AIR24.  


Terms and conditions

We can do business only with companies, businesses and individuals possessing a European Union VAT registration number.



A request for quote is non-committal. Upon request a quote is sent about the required product(s) or service. A request for quote does not constitute an order!  


Payments conditions

We issue a prepayment request or a proforma invoice; we finalize and confirm the order upon payment. The prepayment request/proforma invoice can be paid via bank transfer or with credit/debit card on an online payment interface. For online payment we use the interface of a provider specialized in online payment. We send the link for online payment along with the prepayment request/proforma invoice. The link opens the provider’s website and the payment can be completed on a secure interface. The invoice is issued in euro and we accept payment only in euro. The bank account details are indicated in the quote, the prepayment request and the proforma invoice. The invoice is sent electronically with the delivery and it is considered the final invoice; this condition is considered accepted with the submission of the order.



AIR24 products are always shipped from the European warehouse of AIR24. Shipment costs paid by the customer, unless stated otherwise in the quote. Shipping costs are included in the quote. Shipping costs are subject to change depending on package size and weight. We always notify the customer of the shipment costs. Check the package for possible transport damage in the presence of the courier. Subsequent complaints for transport damage cannot be accepted and the product will loose warranty.  


Warranty and warranty policy

Warranty and Warranty Period is always included in the quote, and we comply with the obligations imposed by the law. If the product fails due to human error or misuse, the product guarantee, warranty will be forfeited. We cannot assume warranty for incorrectly installed products; and we disclaim any claims or payment for damages or lost profits.  


Complaints management regulations

Complaints are always to be submitted in writing. We investigate the complaints, make a decision and notify the customer in writing. If the complaint results from the customer’s default, we cannot assume any obligation with regard to the complaint. If the complaint results from our default, we investigate the issue and the product if we receive it in an undamaged condition. We can deal with the product-related complaint only if the customer sends us the product and pays the shipping costs.  We do not guarantee to refund the product; however, if the complaint is legitimate as a result of our default, we offer a store-credit in the value of the product. We notify the customer about this in writing. We accept complaints only for new and unmodified products. Please send your complaints to air24@air-24.com

These general purchase and delivery terms and conditions shall prevail in all cases unless stated otherwise in the quote. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

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