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Vacuum pump air filter cartridge

Vacuum pump air filter cartridge

A Vacuum pump air filter is usually a cartridge in the air filter housing at the intake manifold. It ensures air filtering and dry cleaning. It is important to regularly check, clean and change all vacuum pump air filter cartridges. The service life of vacuum pumps depends on the cleanliness of the inlet air so make sure you regularly clean and change it. If your vacuum pump cannot suck in air, the air filter cartridge might be clogged.

The AIR24 vacuum pump air filter element provides excellent protection for your pump and filtration of air in the external housing or integrated in the pump.

Vacuum pump air filters are available in various materials:

  • Paper
  • Polyester
  • Metal mesh
  • Active carbon

Check your machine to decide which air filter cartridge is right for it and remember that when replacing cartridges you can still maintain the highest quality by choosing AIR24.

Each AIR24 vacuum pump air filter cartridge is continuously checked during manufacturing and maintaining quality is our number one priority.

Save money and request a quote for vacuum pump air filter cartridges for more than 10 brands, with quick delivery from our central warehouse.

We’ve got air filter cartridges for Adixen/Alcatel, AIR24, Becker BGS, Busch, DVP, GEV, Oerlikon Leybold, Orion, Pfeiffer, PVR, Rietschle and Varian vacuum pumps.

Please ask us if you cannot find something.

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