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Great value in vacuum pump spare parts

OEM and alternative vacuum pump spare parts in Ireland 

Vacuum pump spare parts for all kinds of OEM vacuum pumps – we put them through continuous quality control before delivery. That’s why we promise:

Our vacuum pump parts are as good as OEMs or even better

Our customer’ needs are our top priority in all manufacturing phases, and so we use only new and the highest quality materials. Our vacuum pump spare parts are manufactured under strict quality controls, with careful preparation and processing. You can buy vacuum pump spare parts from AIR24 for up to 50% less than OEM parts.

We have: carbon vane, plastic vane, air filters, oil filters, oil separator filters, gaskets, repair kits, vacuum oil and vacuum grease. We’ve got the AIR24 FHV vacuum pump air filter product family that protects your vacuum pump, available in 3 or 0.1 micron filtration grade grades with condensate drain and maintenance indicator. They do a great job of protecting your vacuum pump from foreign particles.

Save money with AIR24 vacuum pump spare parts. 

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